Sunday School


Any time is a great time to begin learning about God's love, and the sooner the better!  Our goals are to lead every child to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to help them learn God’s principles of living in a fun and safe environment.  Our teachers, as well as all the church family, work together in making sure that our children know that they can always go to Jesus, no matter what their problems, and find in Him their best friend.


The loving, secure atmosphere our staff provides allows the youngest children in the nursery to play and interact with others their age. Songs, stories, games and videos help them learn about God's love and daily care for them.

Always curious and excited about something new, pre-school students learn about God's love for them through exciting Bible stories, media, and crafts. Dedicated teachers build upon a child's need for love and acceptance by teaching them that God made and loves them as they are.

Early Elementary
Our caring teachers help early elementary children cope with new experiences at this stage in their lives. Through practical biblical lessons, they learn about God's faithfulness and His promise to always be with them.

At this age, our children are inquisitive and full of energy. Our teachers work toward providing fun, energetic classes that encourage the kids to discover our wonderful God through games, songs, reading and simple discussions.

Upper Elementary
Through Bible stories, discussions, and activities, committed teachers guide our upper elementary students to really think about what the Bible says and to make it a part of their daily lives. They begin to learn for themselves that God is a faithful and loving Father who has a good plan for their lives.

Middle Schoolers
In our pre-teen and early teen years, our young people learn that the Bible is still relevant to their lives today. Our dedicated teachers challenge them to trust God as they face peer pressure and begin to make choices that will affect their futures.

Lighthouse Ministries, Leader Commercial Building, Room 405-406 54-56 Hillwood Road, T.S.T